Friday, May 25, 2007


Decorate Decorate have just released their debut album, the beautifully intense 'Normandie'. Fans of Interpol and Editors will be pleased, as Decorate Decorate are similar in sound, however the Copenhagen band have their own unique style and can easily fend for themselves. Already a live favorite in town, they are the hottest newcommers and a relevant and welcomed break from the commercial rock which so dominate the copenhagen scene. 'Normandie' are available on cd and on vinyl, the vinyl edition offers five different album covers and bonus tracks. Album closer '11'th' are recorded at Ungdomshuset in late 2006 - Before the youthhouse was violently demolished by good Christians. Decorate Decorate are playing at the Roskilde Festival this year, visit their webpage for Live updates or go to their MySpace profile to listen to tracks.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


THE THE have just released a new single 'Mrs Mac'. It's only available through THE THE's website. Listen to it here > 'Mrs Mac'

Matt Johnson has also given his first interview in 5 years time. He speaks on politics and music to 200% Magazine. Read highlights from that interview here > Matt Johnson 200% Magazine Interview

Matt Johnson: "The brazen political hypocrisy of our leaders. We continually hear the mantra of no negotiation with terrorists? So they just arm and support them instead? Remember the Contras? And who sold Saddam Hussein his weapons? But what about the negotiations with the ANC, IRA and PLO? Even George Washington was considered a terrorist by the British at one point. Dialogue is the only way forward. Just begin it before even more innocent lives are lost.

-Climate change. Well, time is running out as fast as the snows on Kilimanjaro with this one! What to do except batten down the hatches or head for the high ground!?!"

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