Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lemonheads Live

We went to see The Lemonheads last night (october 30 Copenhagen). Anybody who can should. How very nice it is to see Evan Dando back at what he does best. It rocks again and although it is smoking no harm is done - It's full on Lemonheads live and there's even an acoustic bit. Although that did not seem completly planned! So beware of expectations and know what joyfull cheering can acomplish. The new album is also amazing so go buy it now. Perhaps order from PLAY and get free worldwide shiping. It's a fantastic album and the vibe could get you through the winter and safely fowards to spring. Dont forget you could find happiness in the middle of a coincident. In and out of conciousness. The Lemonheads are back! Check out their tour dates at this english fan site Evan Dando UK - Lets just Laugh :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Depeche Mode has just re-released 'Some Great Reward' from 1984 as a double album. Disc 1 is the old album remastered and disc 2 offers the whole album in dvd audio and a short film about this important album in Depeche's history. Plus 5 live tracks: 'If You Want' + 'People Are People' + 'Somebody' + 'Blasphemous Rumors' + 'Master & Servant' all recorded live in 1984. Bonus tracks includes the mighty "lost track" 'In Your Memory' and a remix of 'Somebody' + (Set Me Free) 'Remotivate Me'. Buy It Now... ... .. .